ain’t nobody can rap like yuchun

Color Coded K-Pop Lyrics

Yesung   Ryeowook   Kyuhyun  Yunho   Yoochun


Ibyeol neon swibni

Shit man, I do feel so sorry, ‘bout to say something what – uh

Neomu ppeonhae modu daechung geureo ryeoni hang sang swibge
Uri manye sarangeul ibsure damgo oreugo naerini
Naran sarameuro inhae beolsseo manheun sang cheoreul badeun neo ege..
Geureoni eotteohke ibyeolye tong boreul
Naege ppalli malharaneun geoni?
Ilgeuryeogo haetdeon chaegeul myeot pe iji neomgiji mothago
Ije mak shijakhan sarangeun chu eokboda ppalli ibyeoreul man nago
Ni saengak daero geu modeun jalmoseul tathaedo nan halmari eobseo
Gi eogi eobseumyeon johget daneun mare
Deo isang naekkudo mothagesseo
Yeonye ini haneun.. Da geureon geoji…

Nae gallajin shimjang (Girl)
Saranghal ttaen nae mam da heundeul goseon (Girl)
Ibyeol halttaen geu mam galla doha
Neol saranghan mamModu Buswo beorimyeon
[Ryeo/Kyu] Neomu a-a-a-a apa Eotteohke
Sallaneun geoni? (Girl)
Neon geureohke tteonamyeon kkeutin geoni (Oh~)
Naege jun…

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Yuchun and his scarves are somehow, a droolworthy combination. There is just something about him and the scarves wrapped around his neck. He looks such a fashionista with it on too. We sure love his lovely sexy neck, but we don’t mind when he hide it with his scarf.

See the photos below, and what do you think? Are you with us? Do you like Yuchun and his scarves like we do too? 🙂

Highcut!!!!! forgive us we just can’t seem to choose one, so here you go! keke

ok these highcut shoots deserved a separate post.. hehehe

now don’t you stare at us like that young man! XD

now… tell us who wants to take over that cordi job?

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Credit : LAMIEL(라미엘) ,
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سبحان الله…..


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Park Yoochun-nim’s Kiseumyeon filming location undisclosed photos release~~(^0^) This is a specially designed diamond bracelet gifted to Yoochun-nim by the famed jewel designer RIMM GIOIELLI. Isn’t the pure smile upon receiving the present gorgeous?

Look at Yoochun-nim’s dazzling wrist!!! ^^ Bracelet confirmation shot ~ ~ ♥

ETrans: maettugi
CTrans: 暖日呀呀
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Rooftop Prince has won multiple awards at SIDA tonight.

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